Story Snippet: Confessions


I'm not big on writing short stories, so I end up writing little snippets of would-be stories and see how it goes.

She's shivering on the bed.

He's lying on the floor, face up, hands crossed on his chest. Praying she'll say something. Imagining she won't.

The unwanted confession twists in the air. Where are unrequited words supposed to land?

A breath becomes a gasp--she didn't realize how long she'd forgotten to breathe.

"You know I love you too," she says.

His hands uncross. He waits...

"You've always been like family to me."

Hours later, the words finally land on top of him, weighing him down. He sees the bed sink as she tosses in her sleep, turning away from him. Her arms are clasped together, desperate to control the cold.

He stands, tucks a cotton blanket over her goose flesh--sees her eyes are closed.

She feels his lips on her forehead, has the urge to pull him down next to her.

She keeps her eyes closed. He lies back down on the floor.

Maybe, she thinks, I'll tell him one day.